U.S. Business Review - July 2007
Real estate purchases and exchanges have become big
business in America. Once largely the domain of large corporations – or only very wealthy individuals with complex property arrangements – property acquisitions and sales have become a cornerstone of retirement planning and wealth transfer to future generations. (Read More)
  National Real Estate Investor - August 2007
Real estate investors must be wise not only in choosing their purchases, but also in selecting the professionals who help them negotiate their acquisitions. That’s why the recent failures of two 1031 real estate exchange companies created a stir among some
investors as well as experts in the business of transferring properties.. (Read More)
News Flash   Vacation Home Safe Harbor - 1031 With Personal Use
Revenue Procedure 2008-16 provides a safe harbor for exchanging a vacation home. Briefly, a vacation home that a taxpayer intends to be used as either a Relinquished or Replacement property in a §1031 exchange qualifies if: (i) the property is owned by the taxpayer for at least 24 months immediately before the exchange and
(Read More)