The True Power of Exchanging…

As you know, customer loyalty means repeat business.  When you refer the best in the business, you get satisfied customers, and that equates to repeat business for you! 

The true power of exchanging is the ability to meet investment objectives without losing equity to taxation. Known as leveraging, this method of acquiring real estate helps your clients purchase property many times the value of their initial investment.  Simply put, a §1031 exchange allows your clients to sell their investment property while deferring capital gains taxes by reinvesting 100% of their equity into another property of equal or greater value.

Starker Services maintains that Attorneys and Closing Professionals play a key role when they point out potential benefits of tax-deferred exchanges to their clients. Keep in mind that sellers can employ the services of an Exchange Intermediary at any point until the contract closes - after that it is too late.

The main requirement is that your client's property or business asset has been held by the seller for productive use in a trade or business, or for investment purposes, and will be exchanged for like-kind replacement property.

Keep in mind:

•   Your client’s should never have to pay income taxes on the sale of property if the plan is to reinvest.

•   Every dollar saved in taxes allows an investor to purchase 4-5 times as much real estate.

•   Your client’s should be aware of the time requirements of 45 days to identify the replacement property and 180 days to complete the entire exchange.

•   Exchanges can range anywhere from a simultaneous exchange of two properties to complex, multi-party transactions involving construction and/or reverse exchanges.  Consult a Qualified Intermediary like Starker Services, Inc. to find out what type of exchange is best for your client.

 Clients are able to maximize their capital by deferring the taxes that would otherwise be incurred on an outright sale of their property by utilizing an exchange. They can use the entire amount of the equity from the exchange to acquire substantially more replacement property.

Properly structured and administered, an exchange becomes an invaluable tax saving tool and an integral part of the investor’s strategy.